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Small Chipotle Ranch Bundle



Save more with our Bundle option. A great snack to take for lunches or when you're On-The-Go. 

Get the savings of buying in bulk without buying in bulk.

The Chipotle Ranch recipe comes in a variety of HEAT or spice level options to fit your preferences. We offer 2 different HEAT levels for our bundle packs of 10; MILD, MEDIUM. Each heat level is loaded with tons of flavor and yet they are distinctly different from one another. 

10 count, Chipotle Ranch - 4oz bags

GiGi's gourmet is happy to introduce local shipping in the state of Utah. Due to our licensing and laws here in Utah, we are not allowed to ship out of state (for now) so any orders placed online must be within the state of Utah for us to be allowed to deliver! You can also pick up any GiGi's Gourmet pretzels at some of our local dealers listed on the Home page!